Web Project Planning

In-depth web project planning is the key phase in any effort to achieve eCommerce Harmony. A thoughtful plan guides us as we implement marketing assets, ensuring harmonious interaction. A good project plan can be compared to the sheet music a guitarist follows while playing a song. Without it, the musical notes become disorganized and inconsistent. Good planning goes well beyond web site design to include all facets of marketing campaigns including print, radio, email, shopping and search.

Good web project planning is multi-dimensional:

  • Brainstorm - Some of our best marketing ideas have been the result of sitting with clients as we toss ideas back and forth. All ideas are presented, without judgment. We choose a handful of the best which become the focus in diagramming.
  • Diagram - Once the ideas are selected, the work of determining the phases of the campaign, interactivity of the web properties and interconnection of media types is diagrammed. This phase is where initial determinations of viability of domain names, toll free dialing acronyms and intellectual property is secured.
  • Skin - This is where we take the viable ideas and create initial designs for each. Proofs of logos, web site shells and concepts for printed materials are presented and discussed. A final concept is settled on in preparation for the next phase.
  • Skeleton - This is when we determine the extent of the web site design, functionality, application development and map the pages of the website (thus creating a skeleton). Client approves the skeleton before we begin the web site design phase.

More Than the Web

Creative Innovations has the experience to plan for more than web projects. Our extensive experience include:

  • Shopping feeds
  • Paid search
  • Print advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Radio advertising

Our projects:

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