Web Marketing Support

Experienced marketing support is critical to achieve eCommerce Harmony. Great marketing support resembles a great flutist, applying consistent effort throughout the song while following the prepared music, always knowing which key to press at just the right time. Effective web marketing support is guided by the marketing plan. Websites and campaigns are fine tuned, applications evolve and business realities change. Creative Innovations has been supporting our client's campaigns for over ten years.

Web Sites Evolve

Web sites evolve as business realities change. Value propositions change. Technology evolves. All this means we can't let web sites sit there, unattended for extended periods of time. Often, a simple change to the shell is enough to prolong a site's life for months or years.

Search Engine Strategies Evolve

Search engine developers regularly alter the algorithms that create relevance in searches. This forces optimizers to regularly revise web pages in order to main optimal ranking.

Web Marketing Campaign Management

Creative Innovations manages all the facets of most marketing and e-commerce campaigns:

  • Web site maintenance
  • Search engine optimization
  • Shopping feeds
  • Paid search
  • Print advertising
  • Email advertising
  • Radio advertising