Web Marketing Campaigns

Effective web marketing campaigns are crucial to achieving eCommerce Harmony. Just as a pianist combines the notes on a piano into a beautiful melody, so the marketing manager coordinates the various aspects of a campaign to ensure success. Web site design is just one component to the success plan. Other components include logo design, printed collateral, email templates, social networking and blogging just to name a few. If you don't promote your web assets and expose them to the largest audience possible, you relegate your venture to mediocrity...never achieving full potential.

What's in a marketing campaign?

Although all campaigns are unique, most have these key features:

  • Branding and Logo design needs to be appropriate for the product or service. The brand must visually communicate the essence of the venture or organization. Creative Innovations has been creating great brands for over ten years..
  • Web site design is so important we devote a page just to this topic You probably wouldn't be reading this unless you already had some understanding of the importance of a web site.
  • Printed collateral includes stationery, brochures, rack cards, trade show displays, T-shirts, stickers...any material you can touch and feel. Great designs can easily be degraded when inexperienced designers use the wrong resolution, color space or techniques for the material being printed. With years of experience, we have designed for hundreds of print media types.
  • Email marketing works to feed traffic to web assets. Well planned and executed email campaigns can have dramatic results and prove to be very cost effective. Getting an email through spam filters and network firewalls is an art in and of itself. We understand the intricacies of this important form of marketing and boast many successful campaigns.
  • Social networking and blogging are invaluable tools in publicizing your marketing assets to the world. Social networking and blogging allow clients to utilize their business knowledge and passion to become their own best advocates.

Marketing Campaigns:

The North Face
Authorized Dealer
Patagonia Authorized Retailer

Diversity Training Programs